Social Media Through the Eyes of Hip-Hop

Social Media Through the Eyes of Hip-Hop

Hip-hop/Rap artist Token has pulled back the veil of Social Media in his latest track release, One Like Equals.

Diving into the world of popularity, likes and the validation that people (young people especially) draw from online platforms, with hard hitting lyrics this track breaks down how people use social media by providing a magnified view of life as it exists in the online realm.

What’s really exceptional about this track is how the bars really sculpt the meaning, they themselves work to reveal the hidden agenda of social platforms and the manipulation that comes from suffocating in a controlled online image.

Highlighting verse two to offer those who haven’t listened to it yet, Token spits:

“My mommy told me when she was a kid she thinks she was
really, really popular
But I don’t wanna just think that I’m popular
I wanna have more literal, tangible, fucking followers
Like, I really wanna see that shit
I really wanna be that shit
Put my phone on vibrate
Like, I really wanna feel that shit
I really wanna show my artistic side, my clever side
Bitch, get the fuck off my left, that’s my better side”

This continues, intertwining self image with needing to define your personal worth through the amount of followers and likes you have, the video then showcases a girl changing herself, in order to be “accepted.”

If you haven’t yet, you can hear the track in full down below!

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